Dental Care

Your Pet’s Teeth

Dental disease is the most common problem affecting our pets these days, with 80% of dogs and cats over 4 years of age suffering from some form of Dental Disease!

Dental disease not only causes Gum Inflammation, Foul Breath and the loss of teeth – It can also contribute to heart and kidney disease.  By starting early with you pet you can help prevent these problems arising.

Brushing is the gold standard for dental health in our pets, as it is with ourselves. Brushing once a day is recommended. Call in at the Surgery and our Qualified Nurses can teach you how to brush your pets’ teeth, or to see how it is done follow this link to see how it is done.

We recommend feeding your dog or cat a premium Dental Dry food, use dental chews and encourage chewing of rubber toys (e.g. Kongs) and Rope toys. Most dogs will happily chew on a raw carrot and these are great to help keep teeth clean. We do not recommend bones for any pet. The potential for them to damage teeth is too great.

There is a range of other products available to help with dental care, ranging from food additives to mouth wash. Talk to us about the best program for your pet.