Secure your best friend

Secure your best friend

Whether taking your dog to the Vet, or on a weekend outing, you need to be sure your pets are secured properly in your vehicle.

Pets should not ride unrestrained in the front or back seats of any vehicle. A special harness can be attached to your vehicles seatbelt, allowing them to sit or lie on the seat. These harnesses are available from the Surgery in a variety of sizes. Smaller pets can be transported in carriers, but remember to strap these in with the seatbelt.

Pets can be put in the back of a station wagon with a cargo barrier that complies with Australian standards, but they should be secured for their safety.

Dogs should not ride unrestrained in the back of truck or trailers. The dog should be tethered to a short chain attached by a swivel to a central anchor point on the floor behind the cabin. The other end should be attached to the dog’s collar by another swivel to prevent tangling.

It is now illegal to have an animal on your lap while driving. You not only risk their safety and yours, but also a fine.