Senior Pets

Senior Pets

The definition of senior depends on the size of the animal. Giant breed dogs eg Great Danes & St Bernards are classed as being senior at 6 years of age whereas smaller breeds of dog and cats are considered senior when they reach 8 years of age.

As with people getting older means our pets are more prone to getting certain illnesses eg diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis and dementia and it also means that their senses are often reduced. They can become short sighted or start to go blind and deaf. Senior pets also sleep more soundly and become more set in their ways making routine even more important.

Signs to look out for:

  1. Any unexplained weight gain or loss
  2. Increased thirst or urination
  3. Difficulty getting up and down or climbing stairs or lameness
  4. Any signs of unwellness eg vomiting, lethargy, coughing
  5. Altered sleep patterns or strange behaviours
  6. Signs of anxiety- pacing, whining, panting excessively
  7. Reduced exercise tolerance

What can be done?

Unfortunately we can’t prevent our animals from ageing but we can do things to help them be more comfortable in their senior years.

  1. Feed a good quality premium pet food designed for senior pets
  2. Keep your pet’s daily routine as constant as possible
  3. Keep them warm in winter and cool in summer
  4. Monitor them closely for any signs of illness and have them checked at the vet regularly
  5. Love them and spend as much time with them as you can.
  6. Make sure they are well identified – Microchips and collar tags should be in place.

It is often sad when we realize our pets are getting old and aren’t going to live forever. Often they can’t walk as far or do the things they used to do. Whilst we can’t stop them from getting old we can make it as comfortable for them as possible. We recommend senior pets are checked by the vet every 6 months to detect problems as early as possible and ensure our pets have the best quality twilight years.

Special Meds for Special Pets

Do you have a pet that is difficult to medicate or is on multiple medications? Did you know that we can get most medications made into tempting flavoured liquids and in some cases even a transdermal gel that can be applied to the skin of your pets ear flap ( & absorbed across the skin ).

If your pet is on more than one medication , in some cases it is possible to get them all compounded into a single tablet/ liquid for your convenience.

Ask our friendly staff for more information.


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Lupine products are high quality and come in a great range of colours, lengths & designs which are guaranteed for the life of your pet, even if chewed!  The latest designs are even made from recycled plastic bottles supporting our environment… so they tick all the boxes.

In the event that your lupine product is faulty or damaged ( even if your dog chews it ) you simply return the damaged product to the clinic and we organise a replacement free of charge . You don’t even need the receipt . A true lifetime guarantee.