What are hairballs?

Hairballs ( also known as furballs) are accumulations of hair in the stomach. Contrary to their name, hairballs are very rarely shaped like a ball and usually resemble a sausage ( all be it a furry one!)

Who gets them?

All cats can get hairballs, but long haired breeds and cats that groom themselves a lot are more prone to getting furballs.

How do I know if may cat has hairballs?

Cats with hairballs will often vomit intermittently and you may find evidence of hair in the vomit. Sometimes they make a sound almost like a cough or you may be lucky enough to find the tell tale furry sausage on the carpet ( which if you’re even luckier may still be warm!!)

What should I do?

Ideally your cat should be examined by the vet to rule out any other causes of vomiting. Once hairballs are diagnosed treatment is usually very simple. Cat lax is a feline laxative in a tasty molasses flavor which can be administered orally daily until the furball is passed and then twice weekly as a preventative.

There are also numerous pet foods specifically formulated for hairball control. Here at Frenchs Forest Vet Surgery we recommend either Royal Canin or Advance premium pet food.